Is running a right or a privilege?

Is running a right or a privilege?

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The answer really depends on your perspective…

That question has really been burning on my mind recently since some of my close family and friends can’t run anymore for one reason or another. It really makes has made me grateful to get out there, especially after the back injuries I’ve suffered through the years.

One of my good friends who’s actually younger than me has been told he can’t run anymore due to a hip injury. We used to run together on a regular basis and now we’ve moved our activities to the pool. It’s hard to catch up while you’re underwater but what hurts me the most is to see him limp while walking back to his minivan.

I remember when I hurt my back in my 20’s. Back then I thought I was indestructible, especially the first time. It’s funny how not being to get up on your own will destroy that feeling quite quickly. Nothing defeats you quite like a debilitating back injury. It’s very hard to isolate the pain since your back is connected to everything. Trying to sit up or sleeping even hurts. Not fun and not something I would wish on anyone.

I’m quite healthy these days so not only can I do every activity I want, it really elevates my quality of life. Part of it is luck and/or the yoga, physical activity level and mindful routine I’m now accustomed to. Sometimes with injuries and other conditions it’s not that easy.

With the current events and these memories, I really look at running as a privilege. That is one of the reasons I love to get out as often as I can. Not to show off in anyway, but to be grateful for the fact I can run on a daily and enjoy it.

So if you can run or swim or whatever, consider yourself lucky and please don’t see it as a right. God knows I’ve done that way too many times!

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  1. Michèle says:

    Bang on Eric…I’ve been out of the ‘running’ realm since last February, and it really sucks! When I got my MRI results back the doctor went through it with me, a couple of bulging disks, one pinching a nerve (no feeling in my right heel)..BUT thing is, some people have the exact same stuff but have no pain. Weird..anyhow, it’s hard to sit out on the sidelines and watch your friends/family continue on without you for sure, but I do have hope that this will heal, it just needs more time.
    Oh ya..I just hit the pool too (been a while)

    • EC admin says:

      Yeah, injuries make you jealous. Hang in there! So grateful I can run pain-free these days!

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