Is it okay to use your contacts?

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I was just thinking how a lot of my business is happening these days and most of it comes through contacts, one way or another. So is it okay to use contacts to further your business?

I would venture yes, to a certain degree. For example the workshop I’m planning in St. John’s really came about when I was snowshoeing with my buddy Chappy a few weeks back. I was mentioning my interest in going to teach in St. John’s and he said I should contact so and so and that they were from the area and well-connected. So I did. And then those people put me in touch with more people and now I’m slowly spreading the word. It also helps to have a special agent on the street! ;)

I guess it would be different if I was selling crack cocaine but I’ve come to terms that it’s okay to use my contacts for a few reasons: 1) I truly believe what I do is a service to the community 2) I try to help out other people who need help and contact me and 3) everyone else is doing it!

I guess you could say I’m doing network marketing to promote my ChiRunning services. I’m okay with it. And to be honest, a lot of my clients/friends are more than happy to tell other people . I guess that has a bit to do with the fact that they believe I’m a stand-up guy and in my services.

So I’m not saying ask your friends for 100 level tickets to the Sens (although they will probably throw them your way these days) every week but if you’re looking for a recommendation or some help (and they can provide it), you’ll see they’re likely to provide it, with a smile even!

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