In danger of becoming numb…

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I was in line at US customs on my way to New York City yesterday (I’m presenting today in the Big Apple on crowdsourcing) and this cute older French lady in front of me was asking her friend all sorts of questions about the customs process. It was obvious that she had never been through the grind that is customs before.

I travel a bit here and there but I can only imagine the really frequent flyers and how they would have probably rolled their eyes at this lady. I just smiled!

I’ve been taking a lot of things for granted these days. I find having an audience (although a modest one) like this is always nice. The writing process makes me re-live my adventures and for that I’m grateful. Sometimes in the hustle of the everyday, it gets lost. So thank you for listening/reading.

Seeing the looks on the faces of children seeing big planes for the first time also makes me smile. I’m a big kid but I’m a bit jealous. I would love to regain that youthful abandon. There is no halfway about it for them.

I try to bring back the “kid” to my running or biking whenever I can. Every once in a while,  it’s all about simply lacing the shoes and getting out there for the fun of it with no plan but to enjoy the day’s journey.

The lady might have slowed down the process for a minute or two but gave me hours of enjoyment. Like Albert Einstein said, there are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. Today I’m picking the latter…

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