I’m taking my Running the Yoga Way workshop for a road trip to Montréal!

I’m taking my Running the Yoga Way workshop for a road trip to Montréal!

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Who doesn’t love a good road trip?

It’s always fun to come up with a new idea, especially one that actually turns into something. This where my Running the Yoga Way workshop has been a lot of fun, collaborating with some very cool folks.

It’s probably even more fun to mold that idea into some more, this time taking the idea on the road to la belle province!

I’m really looking forward to work with Julien Gagnon, a former professional dancer and now a movement specialist and yoga instructor who works with national sports team and high performance individuals. We’ve had a few chats about running, movement and yoga and we’re on the same page.

I think people of Montreal will really enjoy this session. That is one of the reasons I love collaborating with like-minded folks, we provide similar and complimentary messages but we come at it from different angles.

It will be very similar to the sessions I’ve done in Ottawa with a few twists. The run/yoga session will happen on Sunday, February 16th from 9-11am. The workshop will also introduce the principles of ChiRunning and include a relaxing yoga class following a short all-levels run starting from Ashtanga Yoga Montreal.

I’ll also be doing my first ChiRunning workshop in Montréal in almost two years. Excitement all around. This should be a start of a beautiful collaboration which will take me back to Montreal a few times over the next year.

Anyone in for a poutine and a run while I’m down there? Haha…


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