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Almost in Yellowknife...

After a few flights and maybe one close call, I’m finally here in Yellowknife!

Since it’s not really next door and there are only a few flights daily to Yellowknife, I had to make what people in the biz call an illegal connection. It just means you have to hurry up between gates and not have any checked baggage since you have 20 minutes or so to get across the terminal. Good thing it was in Edmonton and not at Heathrow!

I flew WestJet (thank you Julie!) from Ottawa to Toronto to Edmonton to Yellowknife. Pretty smooth flights all around with a bit of a delay but it’s all good. Good jokes made it all worth while.

Once I got here, Yellowknife Racquet Club Owner Kelly Hinchey picked me up at the airport and showed me around the club. I then met up with Fitness Director Dana Britton and we went for sushi. The ladies sure know how to make me feel special!

What a beautiful day here so I checked some email on my BB while I was sitting in the hammock on the deck with a coffee in hand. Life is good!

I’ve been up since 5am but since it’s light out here (and for a few more hours from what I hear), it’s time for a run I think. I’m so looking forward to running in the mean streets of Couteau Jaune (Yellowknife) and going to see some friends at the same time!

Stay tuned!

Great article on what increasing your stride rate (or cadence) can do for you, and to reduce injuries. Triathlete Magazine’s Matt Fitzgerald is recovering from injury so he’s looking at ways to stay injury free. Try increasing your cadence (it’s even better if you can do it with your arm swing) if you ‘re a heel striker or a loud runner and you should see a big difference.

Let me know how it goes!

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