I did it! #31in31 challenge report

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I’ll admit it, some days I wanted to just get on the couch and watch some more Entourage. The weather, the darkness, the comfy couch…

But without a fail, every time I set out for another run in January, I was glad I did it. I love that the challenge helped me get out there a bit more than usual. Granted they weren’t marathons but 31 runs in January isn’t bad at all!

I actually did a few more runs on the treadmill than I care to admit but most were done in the spirit of time management and travel. No excuses, I know!

I want to send some shout-outs to some folks who helped a lot when it was getting cold: Katy, Jonelle, Sari, Tania and my brother!

I know a few people dropped out to injuries (what are those?), other commitments and the such. At least you tried folks. For those who stuck with it, I want to say congratulations! What are you going to do now?

Once the numbers are in, I will divulge a few of the prizes for the folks who completed the challenge. I know that pride should be enough…

For those in need of another challenge, my friend Tania has announced a yoga challenge for February. Looks like fun!

5 Responses to I did it! #31in31 challenge report

  1. Awesome job Eric!


  2. Amy says:

    I wish I had seen your challenge earlier…I love prizes :)

    I agree that stuff like that really keeps me going. I have to keep signing up for races otherwise I just don’t have the same commitment to get off the couch. But I always feel better for doing it.

  3. tania says:

    Let me know how many people completed. l might have some prizes to share :)

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