How you feel is the great equalizer…

How you feel is the great equalizer…

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I spent a day spent at a local outdoor spa recently to take a bit of a break and let it all soak in.

It made me think about why people go to those places and why some people stay away.

It all comes down to how you feel. Most people don’t realize that the person with the biggest influence in this equation is you though. It all goes back to the great Eleanor Roosevelt quote about “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

A lot of folks stay away from these outdoor spas since they’re so worried people will judge them or judge their less than perfect bodies. It’s so funny since people are so worried about themselves they usually don’t have time to judge others.

Not many of us can be underwear models at all times. We’re all awkward at certain times and weird in certain ways. I chalk it up to our own individual charm…

Once you get over the fact most people are half naked and that’s the norm, it gets much easier and much more comfortable. In the numerous times I’ve spent at outdoor spas and hot tubs, I’ve realized people aren’t there to check out other folks. They’re there to relax, just like you!

So get out there and soak in it, just for the sake of it!

If you need some motivation in these darker days, here’s a good look at seven habits of highly effective runners and eaters by Runner’s World.

I especially like #6 about consistency and #7 on seeing the value in it. Do it but do it for yourself!

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