How will you celebrate National Running Day?

How will you celebrate National Running Day?

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It’s today!

I’m usually not behind many man-made holidays but for some reason, I can get behind National Running Day.

I will head out for a nice run through trails near my place later this afternoon after meetings and some work.

It’s funny to note that the reason I run changed a lot over the past year. I went from a pure physical reason to now purely phyiological. I mean it’s always good to know you can look good but isn’t it better to know it’s good for you and your brain? The more I read about the subject, the more it changes my outlook.

If you have time to kill at the office today or you’re simply interested about the day and/or the organization, you should check out their site at They have some pretty cool stuff including customized badges like the one I created.

National Running Day is held every year on the first Wednesday in June. It’s a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.

It got started in 2009 when some running organizations have worked together to celebrate our sport with thousands of participants on the first Wednesday of June. It encourages runners to join in by planning a run, spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race, or setting a new goal.

It got started by the New York Road Runners, the people behind the NYC Marathon which I will participate in, and it seems to be much bigger in the States than here.

Now I feel bad and I will have to get more involved in this next year. Who knows, but probably I’ll probably organize a run from Mooney’s Bay or something. How fun would that be?

How will you celebrate today?

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