How to take a good running video for analysis

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First of all, you will probably need a partner in crime to do this. Unless you’re doing it on a treadmill (not recommended) and you have a tripod. But I’m sure you can steal a friend

It took me a while but I now realize video analysis is one the best way to learn new skills and tweak the technique. The point was really driven home with my golf game. I thought I was doing everything right but the video doesn’t lie!

It’s seldom free but I find it’s one of the best teaching tools out there. I still do it from time to time to check the running technique and to see where I can improve.

I teach more and more outside of Ottawa so video analysis is one of the easiest ways for me to effectively follow-up with folks remotely. They can upload a video (see video attached for a good example) and I can provide feedback. With the new technology, I can even mark it up with lines and add audio comments on the actual file. Pretty cool stuff!

You need a few things for the video to be as useful as possible:

  • Side view: This is the most useful view so you can see the entire stride. Useful to check posture, cadence and foot strike
  • Rear view: Very useful as well to check out hip rotation, hip alignment and overall body alignment
  • Entire body: Make sure you get the majority of the body in most shots. You can do some close-ups but you also want a global view of the technique
  • Steady camera work: It’s best if using a tripod but usually a pair of steady hands will do the trick
  • Free of glaring sun: Make sure you know where the sun is so your video is not just glare

You don’t need an HD camera but you do require the video to be clear. Most smartphones and tables provide good quality footage nowadays.

Happy filming!

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