How #RufustheDog is keeping me sane in these crazy times…

How #RufustheDog is keeping me sane in these crazy times…

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I remember when my Mom got her rescue dog Beau about 5 years ago, she started talking to it a lot. And I thought she had gone senile. Now after almost 3 weeks being home bound, I think that’s simply normal!

I picked up Rufus, pictured above being cute as can be, a little more than a year ago. He’s been good at getting me out multiple times a day and being playful because that’s what he’s all about. He keeps me fairly sane and my mood fairly even. It puts a smile on my face when he does wacky stuff. That’s very much needed these days.

I’m very grateful to be healthy, even if I’m stuck inside for the vast majority of the time. At least I have a place to be stuck inside of, right? I can cook, I can do some mini workouts and watch comedy. Good coffee also helps.

Some folks don’t have that luxury and with the massive layoffs, it seems less and less will. Even if I have a job where I deal with COVID all day, at least I still have a job. And a makeshift home office. See beside for my cute cubicle mate.

Well during these trying times, I’m working hard on keep my morale up. I find the ides of March are real for me. The temperature and conditions are usually iffy at best and the “real” spring is usually a month (or more) away. Not easy for someone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), self diagnosed of course. Obviously the self-imposed house arrest doesn’t help but at least it’s only temporary. Right? Please?

All that to say while I can’t see folks in person other than through technology, my boy Rufus is doing a great job. He should get a raise! And the associated costs of are just investments in my sanity. Small costs to pay, right? I’ll drink to that!

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