Half the work is simply showing up!

Half the work is simply showing up!

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Do you want to do something? Best way to start? Simply show up.

Everything I’ve accomplished has started with one small step. Ironman, starting a business, etc. Like they say, Rome was built in a day. But one day someone started to build it.

It also helps to have a big why but simply getting started might be a bigger factor in the end. Most of the time it gets easier and easier as you do whatever you want to do.

Take running for example. Like they say, every marathon starts with one step. And the first step is usually the hardest (especially if you’re simply falling forward with ChiRunning). So just start doing short runs four times a week (magic number to prevent injuries) and in no time, you will be doing some great mileage. (Do not increase your mileage more than 10% though).

A lot of folks want to do many things but never take a step in that direction. I’m also guilty of this wishful thinking mentality from time to time. Action begets action.

Another tip: Start small. Run to the corner and back a few days a week. You will build up confidence quickly and want to do more. Baby steps!

Now I’m gonna take my own advice and go for a short run. Who knows where I will end up…

Congratulations to Andy Coughlin and Kim LeGallais for winning the entries to the Fall Colours races. Great submissions, and the process to determine the winners was incredibly hard. Actually it wasn’t since there were only two. But great stuff regardless, I will be in touch with you both for all the details.

Another great example that showing up gets you rewarded!


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