Guest blog post: My Favourite Activities by Tania Fréchette

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Every once in a while I will some guest bloggers. Today we have Tania Fréchette, one of my favourite yoga teachers and a big proponent of ChiRunning!

Through my 21 years of running and 11 years of yoga I have noticed many similarities between the two activities. Let’s explore some.

Health. Yoga and running compliment each other well. I love the cardio from running and the flexibility from yoga. Both give me physical and mental strength and stamina.

Discipline. It takes commitment and discipline to get on the mat or to put on some shoes to run. The more I did it the more it became part of my life and now I can’t imagine going a few days without running or practicing yoga. Th

Tania hard at work!

e discipline I develop while exercising helps me to be more committed in other areas of my life.

Awareness. Both activities bring me more body/mind awareness. I am more aware of my breath, my posture and my thoughts. This is a valuable benefit because better awareness leads to better results.

Meditation. I have a daily seated meditation practice which is great but I find that running can be just as meditative. I have experienced many moments of gratitude, bliss and peace while running.

Efficiency. I can practice yoga or run just about anywhere. This is awesome because it enables me to keep up my lifestyle while traveling. All I need are my shoes and my mat.

Friendships. I have met my best friends either at yoga or running.

Me time. Yoga and running allow me to spend quality time with myself. I am able to go inwards and reflect. I have had some of my best ideas on the road and on the mat.

For more about Tania visit or She teaches Yoga for Runners at Rama Lotus Wednesday evenings at 5:45pm. If you can’t make it to her amazing class you can download a Yoga for Runners app via iTunes at

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