Guest blog post: Motivation and running by KimAngeline

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I am motivated by many of the obvious things: other running friends, watching the weight go down and talking to like minded people. Sometimes motivation comes from unexpected places, too.

There is this woman I see from time to time. She is probably in her late 30’s or early 40’s and overweight. Every single time I see her, she is running. Not fast. Maybe not even far, but she is running. Slow and steady. Eyes fixed ahead of her in a way that tells the world there is nothing but her and the road. I didn’t see her for a little while, then the other day there she was again, eyes ahead, steady pace.

Let me tell you I was so excited to see her out running, I literally cheered her on from my car. Hooting and hollering: ”You go girl!” and “keep on running!” (yes I am a car cheerleader…my kids think I’ve lost my mind most of the time).

This unknown woman who I will possibly never actually meet is one of my  motivators.  I don’t know her story, what challenges she faces each day or what her reason for getting out the door and running is. I only see the determination. The focus.  It inspires me. It bonds me to her and to all those on their running journey.  When I think  I can’t run one more step, I think of this stranger and her focus. I think of a man like Ray Zahab and the ‘impossible’ runs he has made possible. I hear Eric telling me “tall and fall”. I hear my friend Karen telling me “its only time”. We are truly all connected..and we motivate and inspire each others in ways we may never know.

So next time you don’t feel like running, lace up and get out there, maybe there’s someone who needs to see you out there doing it. Maybe YOU are someone else’s motivation! :)


KimAngeline is local superstar mom, photographer and now runner. You can read her amazing blog here. Be ready to be inspired!

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