Great weekend, making believers out of doubters!

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I had a great time last weekend teaching in Petawawa and Ottawa. Great people and lots of interesting stories.

You really get a sense of people’s personalities after spending four hours with them. That is one of the highlights of my teachings I think. I get to meet some really cool folks!

I also love the transformation people go through the workshop. I must admit that I can sense the skepticism when some of the folks listen to the intro. It’s okay, I was in the doubters camp a few short years ago as well.

But after some drills and some fun, I can see the smiles and relief in most people’s demeanour. It almost looks like they’re enjoying themselves!

Thank you to Victoria Cleary from VC Athletic and Bracing and the good folks at GearHeads for organizing the Petawawa workshop. It looks like I will be back in early November so stay tuned!

And the winner is: Michelle Rose from Ottawa. Here is what she wrote:

“Chi Running has enabled me to run again after many years.  This gives me “joy”. While out on a run my soul is stirred by the external view of the beauty that abounds in nature. All the beautiful, colours, objects, and sounds leave an impression. Recollection of this impression becomes a constant source of joy to me every day. When I’m running I feel, a buzz, my senses are heightened, my self-esteem is higher, and it’s good to be alive!”

Great to hear and thank you for all the entries. And if you’re at the Fall Colours races, cheer Michelle on!

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