Getting serious with these health claims…

Getting serious with these health claims…

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All Natural! Organic! Fat free! Made with whole grains!

Have you seen these claims on your food lately? Who hasn’t! My buddies and I always joked a few years back when we saw a fat-free label on pretzels. When did they start having fat in them to begin with?

The labeling claims are getting ridiculous and it’s not helping us as eaters and consumers. I read a good quote recently but I don’t remember where. I’m paraphrasing but basically it breaks it down that all the best products out there don’t have health claims or labels. Think about it. Fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, fresh meat, etc.

The gluten-free fad is getting out of control now. People think gluten-free means healthy but if you look at the ingredients, you’re just replacing one bad thing with another. The HealthCheck system is under serious attack and it’s been exposed as a marketing ploy. I did some work with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) a while back and even ended up on the organics labeling file and let’s just say it’s not always what it’s all cracked to be.

To me, it all goes back to having a connection to your food. Do you know what is in it? Do you know how it got made? Do you know who grew it? The closer you are to the roots, the best if you ask me…

Another good point I picked up recently is that the health and obesity phenomenons would be pretty close to extinct if we just started cooking our own food more often. Get serious if you want to get healthy and spend some time in the kitchen!

Also, I just released the dates for my next rounds of workshops in Halifax (Sunday, August 17), Ottawa (Saturday, August 23) and Pembroke (Sunday, August 24) and BC (September 20/21).  All the details are on my site under “Workshops”.

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