Getting “run” out of town…

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You gotta love technology (or the lack of skills of this user). This was supposed to go out Friday, when it was actually written. Sorry!

One of my favourite things to do these days is to explore new cities while running.

I’ve been extremely lucky in 2011 having run through the streets of Halifax, Bridgewater, Yellowknife, Kingston, Cornwall, Vernon, Montreal, Petawawa, Markham, London and Windsor as part of my ECinc ChiRunning Cross Canada Tour.

Today I will get to add another city to the 2011 list, but this time it’s not directly related to CR. I’m in Calgary for meetings and for the CanFitPro conference. You bet your bottom dollar that I will take full advantage of the beautiful fall weather and the fact that my hotel is right beside some nice trails (or so the hotel website says).

I find you get to really experience a city by taking your time and enjoying the sights and sounds at 10km/hr or so. You get to feel the difference in some of the neighbourhoods. And the best part is that if you’re lucky you get to meet a few tour guides (and new friends) along the way.

I pity the folks that only see the insides of conference and hotel rooms and watering holes. Or only get to see the city through the road to the airport. I’ve been in that position before but I vow to never let it happen again, even if I have to outside at night. By myself. In a scary new place. I’m actually looking forward to that…

I’ll keep you posted as I’m slowly putting together my top runs of 2011. I assume some of the ones mentioned above will make the cut…

What are some of your favourites places in Canada to run? Care to share?

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  1. Mike says:

    Jasper has been my fav so far. I ran the Jasper Skyline Trail – 45km of alpine bliss. Great trail for running: it used to be a horse-packers trail, so mostly gentle switchbacks and just wide enough. Awesome views – 35km is above treeline. The trailhead is a 10 min drive from town. Perfect. Definitely an all day outing though!

    Vancouver is always fun too. Either city-exploratory running thru various neighbourhoods, or the seawall, or if I am feeling particularly derivative, the Grind.

    I like Toronto too – so many new things to see running through the new condo developments on either side of downtown. And in Montreal, I don’t ever miss running around on Mt. Royal.

    • ecinc says:

      Thank you for the contribution Mike. Never been to Jasper but it’s on the list now. I hear ya about Montreal, Van and Toronto. I guess I just love new stuff!

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