Getting into the running groove again…

Getting into the running groove again…

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I’m really enjoying running these days. It’s quite different than my “racing” days as I run mostly for fun now. And now it’s mostly with friends, as it’s a great way to catch up and get sweaty at the same time.

I’ve run over 25k over the past two days and now I want more. I’m not “performing” in any way but I love that I can go for a few nice runs and my body is asking for me. I guess this attention to detail (aka ChiRunning) really works!

Like my buddy Simon says, it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. So true, in life and in running. Life’s been quite busy with the Gala and some work stuff these days. I find running gives me mental clarity and provides perfect perspective. Nothing quite provides the same “high” for

Tonight was such a great night for a run. Cool breeze but warm air. In October. Sun setting. Different coloured leaves everywhere. Magical!

It was a relaxed pace but I felt like the guy in the picture. Simply pleasure!

Now I’m thinking an ultramarathon might happen in the spring. Nothing too crazy but maybe an off trail 50k or something. It would really help me with my focus during the winter. And give me an excuse to get back into long distance running shape.

I haven’t looked forward to racing in a long time but now since I’m really enjoying the runs, why not take the next step?

Get out there. Fall in love all over again! (Get it?)

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Skora Running, but they are a new player in the running shoe market. Looks interesting…

Here is a recent blog entry about the purpose of the long run. A nice and different way to look at it!

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  1. SuperChris says:

    Great post! Wow ultramarathon! You always amaze me! Your making me want to fall for it all over again!;) I agree with you, coloured leaves everywhere = magical!

    A recent globe & mail article (Stressfull September: changing with the change of pace) indicated that fall is the season of endings (leaves drift down from trees and daylight change) but fall is also a time of beginnings, with indidivuals flocking to new ventures!!

    So let’s get outside, enjoy this magical season!
    Like Nike say’s: “Do it!Then do it again!”

    Skora are indeed cool new player in the running shoe market.

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