#FridayFindings Saturday Edition! New stuff from the world of nutrition and running…

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Another crazy week but it’s been productive. Stay tuned for some amazing episodes of the #WellnessWednesdays podcast!


See above for a trailer/interview for a cool documentary called The Big Fat Fix. Pretty insightful stuff.

And stay tuned for a review in the coming days!

Hey runners, ever heard of the #WorldLitter Run? I did it in the spring and I will do it again this weekend. And it’s a worldwide thing now!

Just get out and pick up some trash on your run this weekend. Then post a pic. So easy and so good for you and the environment! All the details here.

And some more light reading for the weekend about the backroom antics of the nutrition world.

Here’s a cool (and not so cool) look at how the sugar industry blamed fat in the 60’s and made us fat in the process. From a decent news source called the New York Times…

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