Findings from the worlds of running, yoga and nutrition!

Findings from the worlds of running, yoga and nutrition!

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I hope you’re staying warm these days with the Polar Vortex trying to make sure we’re staying indoors

I’m not sure if you’ve heard me say that but the winter is actually a great time to work on your form. It might be easier for you to do it at a track or some warmer days since it’s hard to think about mechanics when have to run hard/fast simply not to freeze.

Here’s a good look from the Globe and Mail about biomechanics

Do you still think yoga is simply stretching? Here’s a great look at how yoga has helped an Ironman triathlete in more ways than one.

Disclaimer: I know Terry (the Ironman mentioned) and he’s a great guy!

Want to start warm in a healthy way? Here’s a great recipe from MindBodyGreen for a hot chocolate loaded with superfoods.

I’ve tried a variation of it and I actually prefer it to the commercial stuff since it tastes richer and not as sweet. Enjoy it guilt-free!

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