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As always I’m on the lookout for great articles and tidbits I can share with all of you. Here is some great stuff I came across recently:

You know I’ve been talking about brain health a lot these days since it’s so important to overall wellness. See this link for 5 keys to eating for better brain health from Dr. David Pearlmutter.

I wish I would have known this stuff a while back!

By now you probably know my affinity for cold showers. I even surprised a teammate last night when he took over my shower after last night’s hockey game. Wowzer!

Cold is good for you for a few different reasons but here are a few more EurekAlert!

And I hope you enjoy the video I included above. It’s from TSN’s “Running Science Series”. It features Dr. Greg Wells talking about myths concerning core training. If you’re a ChiRunner, it should be a top priority and the good thing is that it transfer to all your other activities!

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