Fat is not efficient…

Fat is not efficient…

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I feel like a bit of a hypocrite writing this. This is the heaviest I’ve been since my football/university days…

Granted I put on some muscle after getting back to the gym in the past few months but I’m still no where close to being efficient as I should be. And it’s affecting my athletic life. I’m not as nimble or as fast on the ice or with running shoes on. And you probably know me as a big proponent of efficiency.

It came to mind as I’m thinking of doing Raid de la Gaspesie again this fall. With my ChiRunning background and my , I could do the race again but I won’t be thriving in any way. And it won’t be as easy and/or as enjoyable as it could be.

Fat that sits on your body at all times doesn’t help you burn calories or make you faster. All it really does is slow you down and suck your energy. Yet most of us carry a bit of it around every second of every day. I know better but yet I let it happen to me. You know what they say about doing is harder than knowing?

The ironic part I’ve realized is that most people don’t really want to learn running from a stick figure as most of them don’t look like that. I guess I look “real”. Who knew? Haha… But I might have taken this to heart a little too much in the past year or two!

I have to throw down the gauntlet. I have to get back to my “athletic” days. It’s better for my body and for my psyche. And probably for my bank account too.

I know from personal experience (and what science is saying) that weight loss is 80% nutrition. I just have to be more disciplined. Especially as I get older, it’s not as easy as eating clean for a week to get it back like it was in my 20’s. I was lamenting that fact last night as I was chatting with a new friend in the hot tub last night at the gym. Irony all over…

So I guess I’m in for a few more salads and fish these days. Who’s with me?

P.S. I didn’t write this to shame or guilt anyone. I wrote it as a wake up call to myself.

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