Getting jiggly with it, aka my take on weight loss…

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I think most of us have ups and downs when it comes to our weight. It’s cyclical and from what I read, it’s human nature.

I’m on an upswing these days. I can say it’s because I’m busy (I just launched another company yesterday) but mostly it’s because it hasn’t been enough of a priority.  I’m not at my heaviest (uni days when I was playing football at over 300lbs) but not my lightest either (Ironman years when I hovered around 220).

It’s funny, we gain weight over time and then expect to lose it instantly. Pills and powder can help with weight loss for a short period of time but most of the time you’re putting your health at risk.

Like I mentioned before, if you’re running strictly for weight loss, you’re fighting a losing battle. Usually you need a rallying cry or a low point. I’m not sure if I’ve hit it but I’m getting more and more motivated to get back in shape so I can perform better on runs, in workouts and on the ice.

The good thing is that I’ll have an opportunity to kickstart some weight loss later this month as I spend 10 days in Nicaragua working on a school in the hot sun. I’m also not sure how much food I’ll have access to. That could be a good thing! ;)

In my experience, you can try all the gimmicks in the world but you need something that’s sustainable. I guess that’s why I’m not at my uni or my Ironman weight anymore. Now I just have to settle in to something that’s healthy and viable for the long run.

I’m not too worried about the number on the scale to be honest, it just helps a lot when you’re doing long runs or triathlons. And with a few tris planned for the summer and the New York Marathon, I need to get on that!

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  1. Raewen says:

    I completely agree Eric!

    My weight fluctuates, as it does for every single creature on earth. I do not own a scale and I don’t feel that I need one. When I go to my doctor’s for my annual physical, she weighs me then says “that’s about 2 lbs more/less than last year, how do you feel about that?” Well, if I’m not able to run well, or if my Muay Thai and kickboxing is suffering, I feel I need to eat better, smarter.

    Just last week I donated two pairs of jeans; they just don’t fit right anymore. I still fit nicely into other pants, but my body has shifted, the muscle is in different places now. Why strive to fit into jeans that aren’t meant for me now, at 40+?

    If I feel like I am capable of playing ultimate, or swimming some laps, or playing tennis with my 10 year old, then I know I’m healthy and that makes me happy. You do what you need to do to feel strong, to feel capable of meeting your goals.

    I don’t know how much I weight, I’m guessing it’s around 165lbs, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a darn :)

  2. B Brown says:

    Wow, you always amaze me in your ongoing life trip! I so agree with everything you say, and now, I can say too, that coming from a person who never had to worry about weight issues, getting up to 50 and wanting to stay fit, its a battle for a woman, who is not competitive, but more importantly, coming from a point of chronic illness and disease like Arthritis, it remains a constant battle.

    Did Scott tell you Eric, we got a sweet little ride in the guest room,,,,,, lol,,,,,, Concept 2 D. It will be my friend.

    Happy summer, dude, sounds awesome what you are and plan on,,,Nicaraugua? yes! Good for that wonderful soul of yours.

    Kudos, love hugz.

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