Fat fasting for the win!

Fat fasting for the win!

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If you follow the blog, you know about my experience with fat fasting and exercise during the past 6 months or so. I’ve been experimenting with it even more these days, with some pretty great results!

I’ve done a few extended fasts, with the longest one being 40 hours for now, with no real side effects. I’ve also been doing intermittent fasting almost every second day now.

The reason I’m finding fat fasting the best is the fact it’s fairly easy. And pain-less. The fat keeps you content while you do your thing and doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes like other snacks/meals. It’s probably not as useful as a full fast but must easier and more sustainable, which I’m all about these days.

To me it comes down to three major benefits: Control, clarity and ease. And productivity! My brain feels on fire in ketosis and I get way more done in my workday it seems.

I always had a love and hate relationship with food. I loved eating food and hated being hungry. Now I can take the control back from food and eat when I want to eat. I don’t get cravings and “hangry” anymore, which is a good thing for me and everyone around me.

It also made me realize I was eating out of boredom and being a slave to a schedule. The clarity of real hunger and the mind is such an advantage. And you’d be surprised how much time you save not planning and cooking meals when you’re fasting. Incredible time hack, especially useful for busy mornings…

It doesn’t work for every instance, I agree. I find when I have to do some longer intense workouts, like back to back hockey games, I would need some carbs but otherwise I’ve done longer workouts on just fats and/or ketones.

I’m looking forward to testing some more fat fasting workouts in the spring on the bike but for now I’ll settle for longer runs and snowshoes. Giddy up!

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