Adventure review: @MEC_Ottawa Half Marathon in Gatineau Park

Adventure review: @MEC_Ottawa Half Marathon in Gatineau Park

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So I got nudged (or conned depends how you look at it) by my buddy Dion (again) to do another low-key MEC event. Let’s just say when my alarm went off on Sunday morning at 6:30 and it was still dark and cold, I wasn’t truly a happy camper!

It started to change when we were walking down to the start line. The sun was still coming up and some colours were still visible on the trees. And it wasn’t as cold as originally expected. All in all, a nice fall run.

Then I realized this loop is hilly. I usually cycle it and it’s usually not that bad but running makes you enjoy/curse those hills way more. I did walk some of the steep parts of the major hills but the cool thing about ChiRunning is that it’s quite easy to start running again by simply leaning into the run.

After a long and bittersweet week, it was nice to be alone with my thoughts for 2+ hours in the middle of nature. It was probably my slowest half marathon but it was so nice to get some fresh air and actually enjoy the roller coaster that is an endurance race.

My nutrition was very simple and minimalist. The usual Bulletproof coffee and some Chia seed pudding for breakfast and a bottle of KetoOS before the start of the race. No water or food on the course at all. I felt really good throughout, especially with my energy levels.

I’m really enjoying the MEC events. Very low cost and minimalist. And full of fun people. Keep it up MEC!

Well the 1.5K uphill finish wasn’t my favourite part. At all. Especially after the last few km’s were straight downhill. Can’t we just get to a happy medium? :)

The legs are a bit tight this morning but that probably has to do with the fact I didn’t run all that much last month. And it was a tad hilly.

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