Eyes on the prize… Aka Gala vs Ironman!

Eyes on the prize… Aka Gala vs Ironman!

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It’s almost here. The big day. I’m close to getting a tired of the prep and all the minor details,  I won’t lie. Long days where sometimes you don’t feel like you’re doing much progress…

I’m talking about the Gala but I could very well be talking about my last Ironman. There comes a point in every long-term project where you’re asking yourself if it will ever end. It usually happens almost near the end when you’re not sure if there will ever be an end to this!

It’s normal. It’s healthy. It happens.

What drives you comes in handy at this time. For the Gala, it’s the money we will raise for the kids in Nicaragua so that education can be made possible. For my last Ironman, I remember not wanting to go for a ridiculously long ride in the last month. Making sure I beat my brother’s best time was a big motivating factor for me back then.

It helps to take a step back once in a while and figure out why you’re doing something. I did that last night. I woke up with a bit of a refreshed outlook. I’m also lucky since I get to work with some great folks on this project. This is dedicated to them as well as I know a lot of working extremely hard to make the Gala a success.

It was the same thing with my Ironman training. If I wasn’t enjoying the training, I would at least try to look forward to something, usually a good meal after or spending time with a friend. It helps when you’re not making sense sometimes after a long day.

They say it’s all about the journey and not the destination. It doesn’t mean I won’t be happy when I get there…

Here’s a great blog entry by Blaise Dubois from the therunningclinic.ca (aussi disponible en français) about similarities the shoe industry and the big pharmas.

It might be a bit of a rant but it’s entertaining none the less! Enjoy!

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