Experience review: Fed Up Documentary

Experience review: Fed Up Documentary

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Since I’m a bit of a geek, I spent part of my Saturday night watching Fed Up Documentary, about the consumption of sugar in our diet. Full disclosure I spent the other part watching a musical so please don’t judge!

This doc been on my bucket list for a while (I even did a preview) but only got around to it on the weekend. The doc made a bit of buzz when it was released in 2014 but unfortunately I don’t think all that much has changed in the world since. It was produced and narrated by Katie Couric.

The doc takes a look at food processing and how it’s build many empires on the backs of the health of (North) Americans. A lot of people don’t realize the cost they pay for convenience, but that’s another blog past altogether…

It’s especially sad when this affects youth. They should know better but unfortunately they don’t make all their decisions by themselves and sometimes their role models aren’t there or quite mindful enough to lead. You get a few examples of kids who spend all their energy on the treadmill of life (high carbs + exercise) and it’s quite sad to see.

They also look at how sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Unfortunately most docs don’t have the impact they should because it’s basically preaching to the choir. Maybe it’s just me but I think most educated people know that we should be eating more veggies and less processed crap.

I find it sad when I go to the grocery store and see young families filling up. Is it ignorance? Is it a budget thing? Or laziness?

After reading a lot of books on the subject recently including influential authors Michael Pollan and Gary Taubes, not much of the data or the information was new. It’s still a nice reminder to keep fighting the good fight and that you vote with your dollars.

I recommend it if you have children or you want to find out what is happening in schools around the continent. Let me know if you’ve seen it and what you thought of it!

I also watched CJ Hunt’s documentary, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” this week. Very aligned with the Paleo movement, it looks at what we’ve eaten for the past few million years. It’s interesting

It has a different style and I’m not sure I love it but it was a good overview of the movement with a lot of world-class experts in nutrition, including some Canadians!

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