How sweet are you? A “Fed Up” documentary preview

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I love how things come together sometime…

If you’re a follower of this blog, you know I love books, especially ones about how science is telling us how cool our bodies are and how we can help ourselves. When books come together for an hot doc, well I get excited. I know most people don’t like to read or listen to as many books as I do so movies are usually a better and more convenient medium to get this information across.

Well this upcoming documentary Fed Up has many stories I’ve blogged about over the past two years including:

  • Gary Taubes: This American science writer wrote Good Calories, Bad Calories almost 10 years ago and exposed the low-fat diets among many other things. He is a major voice in the research on the efficacy of different diets.
  • Michael Pollan: This author has been described as a liberal foodie intellectual and a driver of “real food”. He has brought us The Omnivore’s Dilemna and In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. Incredible stuff.
  • Dr. Mark Hyman: This doctor has been talking about functional medicine for a while and is the author of The Blood Sugar Solution. He also did his medical degree at the University of Ottawa!

It’s always cool when things magically lined up. I’ve read all these books independently and now they’re all coming together to talk about a storyline I care about.

Like most documentaries, this will most likely be on the preachy side but I’m looking forward to it. It even has former US President Bill Clinton in it! It’s also produced and narrated by Katie Couric but that’s not as exciting.

This could be the next big doc, similar to the “Inconvenient Truth”. I’m looking forward to seeing the impact this movie has on our landscape. I know those books have really changed the way I look at nutrition and big food…

The movie comes out May 9. Anyone up for a screening party?

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