Experience report: My first 3-day fast…

Experience report: My first 3-day fast…

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So I’ve been playing with intermittent fasting for a while now and I pushed the envelope some more this week, my first 3-day fast.

Why did I do it? I got that a few times over the past while. Mostly it’s to keep myself out of my comfort zone and to see if I was really fat adapted. Isn’t it fun sometimes to see if you can do things you didn’t think were even possible a few months before?

It was an experience to say the least with not much of a down side to be honest. I had dinner on Tuesday night and then no food again until Friday night. I did have some Bulletproof coffee in the morning and some water and tea/decaf coffee throughout the days. I even had a bottle full of exogenous ketones before my second hockey game on Thursday night for good measure.

I kept my physical activity to a moderate level, still averaging 10,000 steps a day and doing some activities, including 2 hockey games and 2 rounds of golf.

A lot of folks might not believe me but my energy levels were elevated and my mental clarity was incredible. If you would have told me last year or before that I would have high energy after missing a day’s worth of wheels, let alone 3, I would have laughed at you. Laugh no more.

My ketone readings got higher everyday. They were very good (more than 1.5 mM) after day 2 and continued through even after I had stopped fasting. They peaked at more than 8mM on day 3 and yes, I pee on a stick to find those out.

I was down about 7 pounds on Saturday morning, so that was a nice by-product. I’m sure I will gain some of that back after ingesting food on the weekend. It happens.

Now I can honestly say I’m fat adapted and I feel better than I have in a long time. So there’s that…

I will be talking about my adventures in becoming fat adapted some more on an upcoming blog post (stay tuned!) and in another “Become a fat burning beast” session next month.

Keep the questions coming!

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