Experience report: @MEC Ottawa Summer Century Ride 2017

Experience report: @MEC Ottawa Summer Century Ride 2017

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Like I mentioned recently, I’m really loving the MEC Ottawa events these days. Low-key, low-cost and loads of fun. Sunday’s Summer Century Ride was no different!

My buddy Dion and I headed out to Carp to take part in Sunday morning’s rides. They had three options: 50km, 100km and 160km. We took the metric century ride route (about 100k) and it was a glorious morning for it. It’s mostly on low traffic country roads

It’s a fairly flat ride and they even provide some aid stations with water and goodies. I did stock up on some water and air (more on that later) at the second station.

No carb loading for this ride as I’ve switched to a more fat-based approach. Simply a small breakfast consisting of a high fat smoothie and Bulletproof coffee.I also had some Keto OS and water on the ride, along with some yummy and salty nuts.

I did ingest some carbs after though with the complimentary (tasty) lunch and beer tasting. According to my FitBit, I had burned around 4000 calories during the 4-hour ride so I didn’t feel all that guilty about it.

I’m glad to say that it was pleasant throughout even with very few long rides for me this summer. The only things that didn’t help were the flat (see action shot of me changing it) and the heat during the last few kilometres.

All in all, another fun day spent with some new friends thanks to MEC Ottawa. I hope to see some of you out for one of them soon!

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