Experience report: Fat bike ride in neighbourhood trails…

Experience report: Fat bike ride in neighbourhood trails…

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I’m in love with everything fat these days: Fat based diet, fat burning and now trying fat bikes!

I’ve been seeing fat bikes everywhere these days it seems and I wanted to check it out for myself. I asked my friend Google to see where I could get one. After the first result let me down a rabbit hole (you might want to update your site Tall Tree Cycles!) , I got in touch with the good folks at Cyco’s. A few questions and a form later and I was out riding!

I decided to start with the trails/Greenspace nearby. Let me tell you, it took me a bit of getting used to. Even as a decent cyclist, it’s very different from road cycling and even mountain biking. I would compare it to mountain biking in the mud.

I still took a few spills this morning. The good thing with a bit of snow (and some branches), it’s all part of the fun. You have to really control the front wheel, especially going around corners, as it’s much easier to slip.

It was a cool experience as you seem to glide on top of the snow. There’s also not many spots you can’t access even if you’re not going very fast. I also got a lot of eye balls, comments and even some barks from furry friends.

Today was nice as the sun was peeking between the clouds for some special moments. I headed out in late morning and it was warm-ish and it was another glorious fasted workout. The cool thing now is that I don’t even notice the difference between eating or not before workouts now…

It also was one of the fun workouts weekend of my #31in31 this month. Now with a few double days, I’m even ahead of the goal. Yay me!

As always, it’s nice to get out, especially in winter, and try something new. I’m probably not going to rush to buy my own fat bike but I will enjoy a few more rides in the coming days before bringing it back.

Speaking of fasting and fat burning, I have another Keto/Fat burning session happening later this month in Ottawa.

Come downtown on Monday, Jan 29 at 6:30pm to chat about a different way to fuel yourself. Bring an open mind and your questions!

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