#31in31 is back, with a twist!

#31in31 is back, with a twist!

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Another year, another challenge. If you’re like me, it’s always nice to get a bit of a kick in the butt when we’d rather be hibernating all day. I try to switch it up to keep it fresh and hopefully inspire a few folks to do the same. Also, I know I’m a few days late but I was away and tried a bit of a social media fast (which was much needed).

During this break, I did do my requirements for the first 5 days. All of them included running in shorts (even if it wasn’t all that warm) so it was a great start. And now I’m ready to tackle the cold again, starting with today!

Here’s the twist I propose:
-You can substitute running with another activity as long as it gets your heart rate up and you can sustain for 30 minutes
-I will be doing a lot of snowshoeing, some cross-country skiing and playing hockey for variety’s sake.

I like to be outdoors so I can almost guarantee that all of my activities will be done there but if you must run indoors, do it. It sure beats not running at all!

As always it’s the honour system, so no need to cheat or to be perfect. The plan is to try to get a few more activities then you would have done so otherwise. I guarantee you that if it wasn’t for this challenge, there’s no way I would have averaged close to 30 runs in January over the past few years.

Use the #31in31 on Twitter if you’d like to check in and post pics if it tickles your fancy. I will most likely post some, especially of beautiful scenery I find on my snowshoe adventures, or icicles on my beard.

Doesn’t misery love company? :)

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