Experience report: 2018 MEC Spring Flyer Run

Experience report: 2018 MEC Spring Flyer Run

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Keto for the win! So nice to get out for a 2+ hour run and not worry about nutrition. I think I can honestly say I’m fat adapted now.

Another piece of decent expenditure (half marathon) with minimal fuel. That’s my new MO. I did have a bit of breakie (minimal oatmeal to hold my PB, coconut milk, dark chocolate and flax seeds).

It’s funny how my goals have changed over the year. When I got started it was all about time and maximal effort. It’s sad to say but my self worth was tied in with my Sportstats profile..

Now I run on heart rate and feel. And to get some fresh air and to get the brain going. And to see how far I can go on almost no food and little effort. I did have half a cup of the electrolyte on the way back to rinse my mouth.

This one was another training run for the Bloodroot Ultra in Vermont next month. I also ran on somewhat tired legs, logging about 45kms over the past 72 hours. Which is a lot for me these days.

It was really nice to see some familiar faces out there. It was especially sweet to see some of the folks who have taken my running workshops over the year, especially when they’re smiling out there!

It wasn’t warm. I was hoping to run in shorts but it wasn’t meant to be. My hands and butt were cold for the first few clicks but then they warmed up eventually. I even took my gloves off after a bit. The wind was pretty nasty at times but that’s when it helps to be a bit heavier than the average bear.

The MEC races are really my jam now. Low-key and low cost. And well organized. Not sure about the mid-race loop but I’ll let this one go.

It was also a great warm up for my ChiRunning workshop in the aft. Another great group of folks, hopefully passed on my love of running efficiently and injury-free.

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