Esprit Duathlon Race Report, part deux: Actually content for once!

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So you heard about my day at Esprit, now it’s time to really dive into the details. Isn’t that what the people are interested in?

For the first time in a long time (maybe my last Ironman races), I was happy with a race. I’m making progress!

It seems I only beat my brother because he did an extra lap on the bike. I’ll take it! It turned out into a win-win situation since I won but he feels that he won. Who knows what we would have had in the tank for a strong finish?

So, did I meet my goals?

  1. Losing 10 lbs: Not quite. I lost 6 lbs in those 6 weeks. I was well on my way but I tailed off a bit near the end for some reason (I’m reviewing as we speak). I’m really motivated though to get back to my old racing weight, now more than ever.
  2. Taking 10 mins off my time. Well I took 15mins off my NatCapTri time but it was a duathlon rather than a triathlon. Looking at the times, I would have probably taken 10 minutes off, even with the wind that wasn’t blowing the right way.
  3. Having fun doing it! Definitely took time to smell the roses along the way. I actually enjoyed pushing myself on the run with some track workouts. Now to really tap into some potential, I’ll have to do the same next year on the swim and the bike.

So, I guess 2/3 ain’t bad! It was nice to actually train (especially on the run) and it really has me pumped for some races next year. I might do a fall half marathon and then plan my season for next year. Who knows what the future holds!

Who’s up for a challenge for the winter? Maybe the Winterman Half Marathon? Keski?Maybe the Snowshoe Series at the Ark?

Help me out people!

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