Ego vs progress: Who usually wins?

Ego vs progress: Who usually wins?

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I have a somewhat embarrassing moment yesterday. I had to tap out of a workout. Not that big of a deal but why am I telling you this?

Well just to illustrate a point as usual. Who controls you, your ego or progress?

I was doing a fairly grueling workout with trainer Leslie Robertson when I got light headed and somewhat nauseated, which never happens to me. I think a light breakfast and the fact I’m undertrained are the culprits.

I chose to shut her down when I did another exercise and it was getting worse, and I was getting a headache. For once I put my progress ahead of my ego so I get to fight another day. The younger Eric might have simply pushed through. And I might have been fine. Or not.

Like it’s been said many times before, life is not a track meet, it’s a marathon. Which bring me to a good point for marathon training.

I see a lot of folks killing themselves and their bodies because the schedule says to run a certain number of kilometres. One of the principles I try to teach is to listen to your body, not simply the training schedule. I fully understand that you have to push through the pain sometimes in order to grow, my point is simply to be smart about it!

If you pass out, how good is that training session for your body? How long will it take for your body to recover? If you have to take 3-4 days off after a long run, is that really worth in the long run (pun intended)?

It’s back! Another installment of the Health & Fitness TweetUp is happening on Tuesday, September 11. Our special guest will be Jocelyn Wentland, a PhD student in sex research at the University of Ottawa.

All the details are available here, same as registration.

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