10 random ramblings from a wonderful but long day at the @NYCMarathon!

10 random ramblings from a wonderful but long day at the @NYCMarathon!

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1. Wind is not your friend, especially in the fall. It slows you down, cools you down and doesn’t really speed you up when you go to the other way.

2. I did set my personal record for the numbers of steps in a day: Over 54K. That’s almost 20k more than my closest day. I think I earned a day off tomorrow. 3. Same with the calories burned: 6801, all according to my Basis band.

3. I didn’t know the NYC marathon was such an international affair. They had 84 countries represented and it seems that half the crowld was foreign. There was a huge number of Europeans, especially from France. I wasn’t expecting it.

4. My nutrition was pretty good. I love baking and bringing my own energy bars and supplementing with some water/ernergy drink and maybe some fruit and salt pills. It worked today…

5. Bridges suck. That is all.

6. It took more than 3 hours to get to the start line. The craziest/impressive staging I’ve ever seen but it seemed a bit too much at times. And it made me wake up before. And I might have missed my wave…

7. You know it’s windy out when someone throws a shirt to the side to dicard it and it goes all the way across the bridge, through 6+ lanes of traffic. Was he Joe Montana? It was pretty nasty for parts of the day, especially on the open spaces such as the bridges.

8. It’s really about finishing more than the time, especially since race is different, even if you do the same race every year. That point rang true when an older black man asked me if I finished the race when I was walking back to the hotel after the race with my thermal blanket on. I replied in the positive and then replied something about me being the man. That brought a smile to my face!

9. Travel can be wonderful. It can also be a pain in the you-know-what, especially when all you want to do is sleep and your flight is delayed, making you miss your connection home. A free hotel is fun but when you can only enjoy it for 5 hours, it’s not the same.

10. Bridges suck big time. I did most of my walking on them since they don’t have any atmosphere and a lot of folks were walking so it wasn’t as motivating. And some of these were major hills, probably the steepest of the entire run.

That is all for now, stay tuned for a few more detailed reports later this week…

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