Documentary Review: The Connection: Mind Your Body

Documentary Review: The Connection: Mind Your Body

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I got invited to a screening of The Connection: Mind Your Body this past weekend at Hub Ottawa, with the lovely Jamine Ackert of Capital Yoga as gracious host.

To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. I was expecting something about the mind-body connection but that’s about it. I’m very glad I went. It’s basically the story of the growing science behind the healing powers of the mind. It’s done and narrated by filmmaker Shannon Harvey who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at 24 year old.

It’s something I’ve been reading a lot about over the past three years or so, that mind-body connection and how it can heal. I’ve personally seen the effects of yoga and ChiRunning on my body and my mind.

It gives you a few examples on how meditation and yoga has helped people with back pain and cancer. Pretty cool stuff as it spans different ages and countries.

It also talks about the famous placebo effect and how that can be traced back to the power of the mind. Like most documentaries it tries to make a point but it doesn’t beat you over the head about it like some other ones. I appreciated it.

It has a lot of fairly influential academics talk about the subject but even they say don’t totally abandon the pills and surgery but maybe it’s time to look at how the rest of the world has been healing itself for thousands of years.

The movie had an immediate affect on me as I did a short meditation this morning after my yoga practice. It’s not easy but it’s something I’m hoping I can make a part of my routine. Anything worthwhile is usually not  easy to start…

You can read more about it and view the documentary here. I recommend it for anyone who’s looking for innovative and ancient ways to combat pain and disease.

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