Do you really want to know what you look like?

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If you want to improve as a runner, the right answer rhymes with yes…

One of my favourite tools to use with my clients is video analysis. It’s not always welcome though.

I remember doing a session with some people last winter where one client pleaded me to shut off the video since it became an atrocity and too much pain for him to watch it seems. That was his opinion, not mine!

We tend to focus on the negative when we see ourselves on TV for some odd reason. I don’t really know why…

I find that in order to improve, you must have a true picture of where you are. Most of the time you have to turn your ego off in order to realize where you are, whether you are looking at your running form or at your life in general. It can be a bit scary but oh so useful.

It’s much easier to see yourself for what it is when you’re on the big screen. Like I say, the video doesn’t lie! A lot of people don’t have the awareness to go within and truly feel exactly what they are doing.

I always try to make sure that people realize that they are doing some good work since it can be a pretty painful experience to see some stuff on camera. Usually people are glad to have done it even if it’s not always easy. I’m sure the same can be said about a lot of activities people do to better themselves.

If you want to improve your running form and you think you have the stomach for it, drop me a line and we can do some video analysis. Personally, I use it a lot for my running and my golf game. It’s been so valuable!

Just finished reading “Empire of Illusion” by Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges. I’m still unsure as to the central theme but it was quite an interesting read. It makes you think by looking at the phenomenon of professional wrestling, reality TV, porn, war spending and our infatuation with the celebrity lifestyle. Thank you for the reco Kim!

If you’ve read it, I’d love your take on it!

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