Do you know what happens in a golf swing?

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I’d be willing to guess most people don’t. That’s why you probably get the most armchair quarterbacks of any sport. Your club head is closed, your stance is too closed/open, your clubs are too short, you’re not using the right ball, etc. Ever heard one of those explanations?

I’m not expert but the reading and work I’ve done over the past few months has provided a glimpse into what actually happens with the golf swing. And most of it has to do with what happens with the golf club.

If you want to know more, I’m presenting at an interactive workshop which will introduce the principles studied at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – the world leader in golf fitness.

The major pillars to be explored will include:

  • How an efficient golf swing is an effective one
  • Most common swing characteristics and the physical limitations behind them
  • How to improve your limitations through exercise

Golfers, just like you, regardless of your age, current fitness level or handicap, will have the opportunity to experience the same information, physical assessment and fitness training that was once only available to the professionals.

I’m co-leading this seminar with Dr. Carrie Johnston, a local chiropractor and a Certified Level 2 TPI Medical Professional. She’s also a pretty good golfer and an all-around nice person!

Check out the event on my site for more details or to register.

Who doesn’t love studies on injury rates and foot patters? That’s what I thought!

Get ready to geek out with this link: a look at six different studies involving both topics.

Happy reading!

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