Connecting with nature: How I celebrated #EarthDay2014

Connecting with nature: How I celebrated #EarthDay2014

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know it was Earth Day yesterday. A friend asked what I was doing for it since it seems I have a “green” reputation.

So to celebrate, I went for a nice soothing run through the trails near Conroy Pit. It was such a nice contrast to my busy day. After a few minutes on the soft trails, I forgotten all of my life’s issues and problems.

It was raining and it smelt like spring. Quiet and semi dark. These are the magical runs you remember for a while. Does it get better than doing a trail run after a busy day? Well maybe one to start the day…

I don’t know exactly why I love the woods so much but I do. It’s weird since a month ago I was snowshoeing in that area and exploring all the side woods. You had to stick to the main paths this time and even then some were flooded. It made for a muddy and wet run but that was part of the appeal: I felt like a 10 year old playing in puddles. It also helped it was warm so I didn’t get frostbite.

Unfortunately I didn’t see much wildlife but I did see a few birds, heard tons more and saw some dog poop. Maybe the rain kept them away. Or I smelled bad. :(

A few thoughts popped in my head. What fresh air! What pretty landscapes! No one around!

The one that lingered was about why I didn’t do this more often. Well it looks like someone is heading back for some more nature time this weekend…

I hope to see some of you this coming Sunday morning at the Alive to Strive races at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. It should be a great morning for a good cause and if my 3kg challenge team is any indication, it will be full of cool peeps!

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