Cold and hot exposure: The lazy way to workout!

Cold and hot exposure: The lazy way to workout!

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Sometimes you wanna do an epic 2 hour snowshoe or a big workout weights. But sometimes it’s tough just to get out and do something. This is where my “lazy” workouts come in.

And as I get older, I take a lot more days where I do the “executive”, a short circuit where I stretch in the hot tub and then take a cold shower. And sometimes repeat. It’s kinda like going to an outdoor spa while on a budget and I can do it way more often!

Enter Ray Concise. For those who don’t know who he is, he’s a pioneer in using cold as a weight loss tool. Check out this Wired article from 2013 where he explains the phenomenon. I’ve ever contributed to one of his crowdfunding campaigns to help his research.

I first came across his work in Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body. Some folks . It’s also a great start for folks who aren’t very fit/active as it’s a bit more gentle then a high intensity workout. Most people workout just to burn calories, whether it’s a run or weights. The “executive” accomplishes that while you’re not doing much. Maybe even reading a book.

I like the heat and the cold since it really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Like everything in life, it gets easier with practice. And it’s really helped me adapt to situations where I don’t feel comfortable like some networking events. Just breathe and smile through it, it really helps.

Wim Hof has really helped me with cold exposure as I did his 10-week online course a few years ago. And now doing almost daily cold showers has helped my resilience and my mood (weird I know). And I haven’t had many colds since. Weird…

I feel so good and zen after a few rounds, whether they include hot, cold or both. They’re harder on the brain then anything else, and now I look forward to them.

Pick your poison and try one. Your body will thank you for it!

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