Canadian Tri Sprint race report part deux

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You got my swim and bike comments on Tuesday, not it’s time for the run and the feedback. The juicy parts!

Up until the point, I was cruising on a decent ride and then headed out on the run for a short 5k.  It was getting pretty warm by this point and the sun was really coming out (remember last Saturday).

I was trying not to fall in the same trap as last time and go out too easy. I haven’t really raced short recently so it takes a little getting used to. I almost have to go back to the mentality of when I was much younger and would go much harder.

The run felt much better than the NatCapTri and I’m not saying that since it was only a 5k (compared to 10k). It’s amazing what some training (and a few less lbs to carry out on the course) will do for you.

I picked up the pace for the last k to try to make a half decent time and it felt good. Maybe I should have been going at that pace the entire time. I have to really re-learn to push the limits since I know it will be over in less than two hours…

It’s nice to be able to race and not be sore the next day. The efficiency from applying the ChiRunning principles to all my training and all three sports have helped tremendously. It makes racing that much easier on the body and more fun!

Now I’m getting pretty pumped for tomorrow, the Esprit Duathlon (10k run/40k bike/5k run). I didn’t get into the tri because I waiting too long but it all worked out since I will be racing against my brother in this one. Stay tuned for all the fun stuff!

And I’ll report after the day (and I’ve had some wine) on how the 6 week challenge worked out for me.

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