Calling all Ottawa-based ChiRunners: I need your help for a study!

Calling all Ottawa-based ChiRunners: I need your help for a study!

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Well actually my researcher friend Adam and the University of Ottawa needs your help. But I will be involved and it will be cool so sure, blame me!

So here are all the details:

-The biomechanics research group, School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa, is looking for Chi runners to participate in a gait analysis test using advance 3D motion analysis software. Our research aims to evaluate the gait of the lower extremity of the hip, knee and ankle joint in Chi runners and compare it to regular rearfoot strike runners. Chi Running looks to eliminate some of the problems that are associated with running, including running related injuries, and hopes to increase running economy and performance. Results of the study could offer scientific evidence that can determine possible benefits of Chi Running and whether it can provide any biomechanical advantage in the prevention and development of  injuries related to distance running. Furthermore Chi Running may offer a better way of achieving long-term health benefits and promote fitness within safer limits compared to rearfoot strike running.

The study requires 20 participants who have or have been implementing Chi Running technique into their practice.  If you have suffered or sustained any running injuries within the past 6 months, then you will be unable to participate due to participant criteria.

The study will involve two sessions at the University of Ottawa Biomechanics lab, located at 200 Lees Ave. The first session will involve a simple running technique analysis on a treadmill, which will be assessed by a certified Chi Running instructor on-site.

The second session will be to evaluate the running gait using our gait analysis software. We will attach 45 hemisphere reflective markers (14 mm diameter) on your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. These markers will be used to facilitate the movement analysis which will be captured by 10 infrared cameras. You will be asked to run along a 17m runway and require you to strike a force plate which will be embedded in the ground. The force plate will allow us to obtain several kinematic and kinetic data such as the foot-strike pattern and the ground reaction force. There are no risks whatsoever in the measurement. Testing may take up to two hours.

The information above is subject to change.  If you have further inquiries or would like to receive more information please feel free to contact me or Adam Teav directly  by e-mail [email protected] or by phone (613-601-2000). He needs your help and he assured me he will forever be grateful!

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