Breathing is important!

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I something make that joke in my workshop since most people are so busy trying to be perfect with the posture they sometimes look like they stop breathing.

I actually don’t talk about breathing in my intro workshop since people already have enough to worry about. What I usually say if I’m asked is simply suggest to concentrate on the exhale since that usually slows down the breathing process a bit.

I recently read a great article in Runner’s World on a fairly new look at breathing, especially when it comes to running. It’s from Budd Coates, a top running and fitness coach and very accomplished runner himself.

The article talks about the principles and methods of rhythmic breathing. It basically relates breathing cycles with running cadence, to get some rhythm and to even out the wear on the body it seems.

It aligns nicely with the ChiRunning philosophy but that’s not the only reason why I like it. I like the simplicity of it and also how it forces you to go inside your body to regulate your running. It also has some science behind it, so that’s never a bad thing. It’s a concept I will be pursuing some more in the coming months.

You really check it out as it also has a video to give you some tips and to figure out if you’re a belly or a chest breather.

I never really paid attention to my breathing before ChiRunning except for the occasional yoga class. Now I use my breath on a daily basis, mostly to relax or to simply check in with my body. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Also,  I included a video narrated by Bart Yasso, a legend in the running world. He’s presenting a good and simple track workout that everyone can do.

I thought it was also very fitting since it’s the Budd Coates special, the gentleman who brought us the article and inspiration for today’s blog post.

I also did my first track workout this week, so why not?


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