Book review: “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker, PhD

Book review: “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker, PhD

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This book is so good and so overdue for the majority of us (I used to be in that camp!) who are so busy that sleep is an afterthought.

I technically didn’t read this one, I listened to it as an audiobook from my favourite library. Some of you know I’m a big of a sleep princess, especially in the past 2 years, I invested a lot of time and some money to work on the sleep hygiene. Some tech, some accessories and some blue light blocking glasses and it’s made a big difference in my quality of life.

Why do we sleep? Isn’t it a big waste of 8 or so hours for most of us on a daily basis? Well this book makes the case for it being a much-needed recharge for your body and your mind.

Sleep makes you more productive, most positive, less stressed, smarter and slimmer. What else could you ask for? It’s argued that if it was a pill, everyone would be taking it. I guess it’s not that popular since not much money can be made off it…

The research is pretty clear!

The impact of alcohol on sleep was also quite eye opening. You might fall asleep faster (aka pass out!) but the quality of sleep you will have will suffer. I’ve seen that from my data, even if it’s a few drinks. And it seems the earlier the better for the drinks so your body isn’t processing the bulk of them as you fall asleep.

There was a big session on dreams for those who want to know more. Not my favourite part but it was insightful.

The book was very similar to what I chatted with Dr. Amaratunga about on the old podcast, but with way more research and details.

All in all, this is a great read/listen. It will also make you pay attention to your sleep and your sleep hygiene. A perfect read for a slower time period, like the holidays, when you have some time to implement some of the recommended changes!

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