Book review: Making a Good Brain Great by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Book review: Making a Good Brain Great by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

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I’ve been on a brain kick these past few months. Ever since I read the book “Brain that changes itself” in the past year or two, I’ve been fascinated with all we’re learning these days about our most important organ: the brain!

This book looks at your day-to-day from the brain’s perspective. What are good things to do? Eat? Your sleep and exercise patterns are very important to achieving a healthy brain. Shocking, I know!

One of the striking things from the book is that your brain is very active during sex since it encompasses all of our senses. Who knew it was so good for you and your brain? ;)

It was also interesting to read about how certain diseases affect the brain. The author is adamant about not being to function at full capacity if your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. With the evidence he presents and what I’ve seen around me recently, I’d be inclined to agree.

Now I want to get a brain scan to see what exactly is wrong with me. Also, what should I expect as I age and what can I do to help my brain, and thus my quality of life.

He shoots down the myth that aging is inevitable. You can do a lot to delay it, mostly in terms of proper sleep, nutrition, exercise. Now I also have to do some brain exercises so I’ll have to check out Lumosity.

The book is a bit repetitive, especially when it comes to the amount of brain scans the great doctor has performed, 30, 000 to be exact. Since I listened to the condensed version on audiobook, I can imagine it being a tad long to read. Still it’s very informative and very interesting.

Coupled with the recent book “Spark”, this has cemented my belief that exercise is good for the body but essential for the brain!

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