Book report: Fat for fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola (@mercola)

Book report: Fat for fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola (@mercola)

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It seems fueling yourself primarily with fat is becoming more and more mainstream as the title of this book says. And here’s the full subtitle: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy. And it’s listing on Amazon. After reading this book, you’ll probably question why most people don’t give it a shot.

To be honest I’ve been reading a lot of research and info on ketosis on top of my experimentation so this book wasn’t shocking or all that enlightening. It did validate a lot of my research and shed some light about details of certain foods and how ketosis can help different ailments such as cancer, migraines and Alzheimer’s.

It looks at the basis of the keto approach and its effects on many ailments. The biggest takeaway for a keto newbie would be the fact that this approach helps with insulin response and how it affects the body.

It also looks extensively at fasting and a “true” keto diet, not just one most people would love: bacon for breakie, lunch and dinner! Keto is really high in fat and low in most carbs but also moderately low in protein.

He also looks at the different sources of fats, both healthy and not as healthy, and how carbs can infiltrate themselves into our everyday. Those sneaky buggers!

Obviously I’m a big fan of keto as I’ve been doing it as my primary approach for the past 18 month or so. I do cycle it these days, sprinkling some carb meals and longer fasts in there as well. I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s not always easy though especially when you’re out in restaurants or on the road. Planning ahead can help tremendously.

This book is a great jump off point for folks looking for more info or to dip their toe in. The only thing is that you can’t just dip your toe into ketosis. To switch from a carb-based diet, it may take weeks or months. But the book makes a great case for it and explains the process.

It comes from a well respected resource (Dr. Mercola) and is well written and accessible to most folks, even if it involves a lot of scientific evidence.

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