Another weekend, another city…

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As you’ve probably figured by now, I like to travel. Quite a bit.

One of the many reasons I became a ChiRunning instructor was that the instructor’s course was in San Diego. In November. What more can you ask for really?

Every time I head out to another town or province for a workshop or a personal trip, I feel rather blessed. I’m happy to be able to experience new places and meet some cool people. Like the extended weekend in Vernon the last few days, it was nice to see what the area had to offer including a lot of great hiking/trail running, some good wine and beautiful scenery.

I could have stayed a few more days to experience some more but like they say, all good things must come to an end. And plus, I have some clients to meet this week and some more cities (Halifax and Bridgewater) to get to next week!

I’m extremely grateful to have taught wonderful people in wonderful places like Vernon, Bridgewater, Cornwall and Yellowknife, just to name a few.

Where will I go next? I find checking out new places opens your mind in many ways that cannot be duplicated with books and other materials. You get to have a “feel” for a place and I find it’s also easier to meet new people in new locales since, for some reason, you’re more open to the idea. I guess that it’s true that necessity makes a lot of things happen…

I’m always happy to come back home though. I like my life, my family, my friends and my day-to-day. I find traveling makes me challenge some of my beliefs and expands my boundaries every time. Not a bad thing in my books!

Click here for a great link to a recent article by ChiRunning guru Danny Dreyer. I like this one since it talks about the mind-body connection and that it will not happen overnight, stuff I try to drive home in everyone of my workshops!

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  1. tania says:

    We like you too :)

  2. SuperChris says:

    Great post Eric! I do agree with you necessity make a lot of things happens & they are mostly great things!

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