Another fat fasted adventure: This time longer and even better!

Another fat fasted adventure: This time longer and even better!

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So my brother and I usually do one or more epic rides every summer. It’s getting tougher for us to get together with him having two young kids. They always get in the way, right? But they’re so cute!

So we made plans to do a nice little loop starting from Rigaud (almost halfway for us) on Sunday morning. We lucked out with the weather as well as it was sunny and warm. The warm part really kicked in on the last hour or so (over 30 degrees with the humidity). Another highlight was the obligatory ferry ride from Oka to Hudson where I felt like Kate in Titanic. Not quite…

We headed out on mostly quiet country roads and got to chat and enjoy the day. Damn near magical! I’ve really rediscovered my love of cycling over the past month, mostly with my brother, one of my favourite cycling partners. I even got my mountain bike tuned up so I can hit the trails this weekend. The Raid folks might have to watch out! Maybe not…

This ride also afforded me the opportunity to do a longer fat fasted ride and to try exogenous ketones for the first time ever. Amazing on both counts. My energy levels were very good throughout even on very little fuel. I still got tired near the end but I think that’s to be expected when you’re in the saddle for close to 4 hours.

According to my watch, I burned close to 3000 calories during those 4+ hours (a bit less of actual riding time). And in all, I took in close to 500 calories in the form of:

-A packet of Pruvit KETO/OS
-A packet of Beet Elite (which I did not finish since it got very warm)
-A bottle of G2 my brother got for me since I was very thirsty
-Some coconut clusters (seeds and coconut) and almonds
-3-4 bottles of water

This ketogenic stuff is really agreeing with me and my training it seems. I’m down close to 10lbs over the past month and all my workouts have been full or energy. On close to no carbs/sugar. Trust me, I’m as amazed as some of you. Stay tuned for more of these experiments!

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