Finding balance in my life, aka hanging out with my niece…

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It’s funny how priorities change…

A few years back during my Ironman days I would rarely skip a workout. Now it happens from time to time, probably more than I would like to admit. A lot has to do with different priorities these days, with catching up with family and friends and doing business stuff.

Last night was a perfect example. Instead of doing a run I had dinner with the family (including my niece) and did some work. How can you say no to that face? Really!

In my defence I haven’t been feeling like myself in the past 10 days. I’m slowly getting some life back but my urge to run has gone away for a few days I’m afraid. A bad stomach bug will do that to you.

I’m sure I could have fit in a workout other than yesterday morning’s short yoga session but let’s also be honest and say that these days I’m more about maintenance then setting new PR’s. The past few months I think I’m slowly finding a bit more balance, even if I’ve slacked on the workouts, especially the tough ones.

As an aside. with the recent non-activity I’m considering dropping down to the 25k at the Seaton Trail Race next month. It might be wiser, now that I’m old and wise.

I actually read a quick article on how hugs have some scientific proof to have many healthy benefits. So maybe that was as good as a workout.

Well I got a lot of hugs tonight, mostly from my favourite niece. My heart is full. That should help my sleep and get me ready for tomorrow night’s run!

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