And you can take that to the bank!

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I look as exercise and physical activity as an investment. I know, I’m weird.

It has been showed that active people not only age better but they enjoy the golden years a lot more. I’m not there yet but that’s definitely what I want as I get more and more grey hair.

Sometimes when I’m not really in the mood for some yoga or a run, I look it purely as putting a deposit in the bank. I’m hoping to make a lot of deposits, way past my 80’s!

I know you can’t really load up on the goodness, similar to sleep, but every time you do something beneficial to your body it will help safeguard against all the bad things you do to that body. I’m trying to live by the 80/20 rule so I’m trying to make sure I’m good 80% of the time so I can be lazy (and be okay with it) some of the time…

I was also chatting with a buddy about my travel schedule and my back. I told him I try to load up on yoga when I’m about to travel. Being 6’4″ and stuffing between two other folks is not my idea of a good time, especially when you go across this vast country of ours.

When I first hurt my back (herniated disk and pinched nerve L5/S1), I would just rest at the first hint of pain. Now if I’m sore (usually from sitting too much or too much travel), I go for a run. Or do some yoga. And then I’m back to my pain-free self again. Almost like magic!

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